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    March 31, 2021

    Why did you become a travel agent? I’ve always loved to travel! Once I had children, I realized how overwhelming it can be to try to plan trips for a family.  I started out mainly doing Disney trips because that’s what I knew best, and I knew (from my research for my family’s first trip) how overwhelming it was to plan.  Right away I knew I would be able to help other families avoid the stress of trip planning.  My agency is like family to me, and I can’t imagine not being a part of the agency.  It’ll be my 5 year anniversary with the agency next week.

    What are the perks of booking through a travel agent? A travel agent can get you the same prices as booking online, but that’s where the similarities end.  Once you click “purchase” online, you’re on your own.  With booking through a travel agent, the service doesn’t stop. We continue to look for information, discounts, etc., and we have your back if something goes wrong.  When you book with a travel agent, they are the ones on hold for hours to get your refund when a worldwide pandemic hits, the ones changing your trip dates because someone is sick, or the ones double-checking your flight times and connections. 

    Do you just book Disney vacations? No, I can do so much more than Disney Destinations! I frequently book Universal Orlando and have lately been booking a ton of all-inclusive resorts.  I can do something as small as a rental car or a hotel stay, or something as large as a bucket list trip, a large group, or a destination wedding. I’ve been all over the Caribbean and Europe, so I’ve got lots of experience with things other than Disney.  

    What has been your favorite client moment? I love seeing my clients’ pictures! When you see someone’s vacation pictures and the joy on their faces and know you helped create that, it’s very rewarding.  My favorite story is when a previous client’s daughter kept calling my cell phone randomly. After several calls, the mother texted and let me know how sorry she was that her daughter kept calling. I explained that it wasn’t a problem, and I loved hearing her sweet voice on the phone.  The daughter was trying to call Disney World because she wanted to go on another trip, and the mom had me in her contacts as Hannah-Disney World. 

    Where do YOU go on vacation?  I do go to Disney Destinations (Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise Line) frequently so that I can stay up-to-date on changes, but I also try to go somewhere new each year. I’m always trying to add to my personal experience to better help my clients (but I also really love to travel).  One of my favorite places I’ve been to recently is Saint Lucia. I had the opportunity to go there back in December to one of the Sandals Resorts and loved it. 

    Hannah Gribble
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