• Tiered Benefits

  • One of the Chamber's highest priorities is to facilitate the growth of business. Membership with us provides numerous benefits that can catalyze and supplement your business, examples of which are listed below. For businesses that wish to join the Chamber, the membership application for can be found here. For those who are considering whether to join, here are some of the many benefits of membership:

    • Listing on the Chamber website, both on our home page and in our Business Directory
    • A free Red Carpet ribbon-cutting ceremony
    • Networking opportunities such as Business after Hours, Networking @ Noon, BRAC meetings (Business Roundtable Action Committee), and the Annual Meeting
    • Advertising opportunities such as subsidized access to multiple radio stations that access more than 150,000 listeners, sponsorships for Chamber-affiliated events and programs, and more
    • Free use of the Chamber Community Room any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday from 9:00 am until noon
    • Discounts on a variety of Chamber services, such as bulk mailing, printing, and more

    Additionally, members now have the option to choose what type of membership they want from our new Tiered Benefits system. The most basic level of membership comes with all of the above services; that's what the Chamber has traditionally offered its member. Now, the higher you make your level, the more benefits you get, which gives you an increasingly better deal.

    What's more, members who have chosen higher levels have greater ability to interact with the Chamber, meaning that you can make your voice heard even louder in the construction of a better business environment.

    All of these services allow every member to take advantage of the network that the Chamber has already established, and by joining, you can further increase the potential of our network. Joining us is one of the best ways you can say yes to a better Warren County.

    If you wish to join, please click here.

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